The Field Masters

We have a number of different people ready to welcome you out on a days hunting with us at the Ludlow Hunt.

Each Field Master is responsible for a different area within our hunt country, and as a result they have a great understanding of the area that they are responsible for. These individuals are all incredibly experienced people in various equine disciplines. We are lucky enough that their talents lie between 5 star eventing, open team chasing, racing and are great at bringing on the younger generation.

HOWEVER do not despair if you don’t wish to follow the brave ones over those hedges or rails (or your mount won’t jump for whatever reason), every day we also have a dedicated non-jumping field master, who will keep you as close to the action as possible without leaving the ground, in fact they rarely get left behind!

As a result we can offer a days hunting for all nerves and abilities – just come and see for yourself…..
We look forward to seeing you out with us soon.


Hunting was part of Alan’s life since childhood, growing up on the Irish Hunting field before moving to the UK in his early twenties.

Alan events on a part time basis and has successfully completed Burghley Horse Trials in 2015, 2016 and 2017, followed by Badminton Horse Trials in 2018.


Fred is a Shropshire based event rider. He produces young horses up to 3 star event level.

Guy and Kate

Guy is a Worcestershire farmer and lives with Kate on the fringe of the Ludlow hunt country.
Kate grew up in Shropshire and taught at her family’s prep school.
For the past 10 years or so they have both enjoyed the thrills and spills of hunting with the Ludlow – together with their other equestrian passion – team chasing.


Katie has lived within the Ludlow Hunt country for the last 27 years, and ‘belongs’ to a farming family in the centre of our country.
She has competed up to 2* BE, she produces young horses too which have reached qualification for both Burghley and also the Young Horse Championships.


Georgina has hunted with the Ludlow for nearly 30 years after growing up in the Worcestershire Pony Club. 

Her father is the oldest member of the Ludlow field, and she enjoys eventing, team chasing and dressage as well


Sarah looks after our non-jumpers. She will welcome all members (both newcomers, visitors and regulars) to our hunting field on our big days and Saturdays.

She keeps everyone close to the action – and is joined by those that don’t wish to jump, those that have a mount that can’t jump, and also those that pick and choose their fences. She will always escort those that join her around the obstacles without losing touch of the action.

So don’t be afraid that you or your horse isn’t good enough, you should come and visit us and ride along with her!

Want to visit us for a day?

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